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Spiritual Events over the the past few years....

August 26-September 1, 2013 Yin Yoga Training with Bernie Clark and Diana Batts (Vancouver)
What an enriching experiencing, for my teaching, but also for my soul. The days were long and began with meditation and yin yoga at 7am, but yet as each day came to a close I didn't wish it to end. I made sure to take many mindful moments to really soak in what I was experiencing. Bernie has a special gift of teaching his passion for science, anatomy, energy, philosophy, and yoga in a very organized and riveting manner. I learned so much about connective tissue and human skeletal variation. I really feel that I am able to facilitate the health of these tissues and the liberation of the energy that flows through them. Much compassion is cultivated for those who are unable to fold themselves into poses- it's not that you're not open enough, there is nothing wrong with you, your bones fit together exactly as they were meant to be! I was surprised to see that my own recognition of the complementary nature between Eastern and Western views of spirituality and psychology were also in line with Bernie's teachings. He also brought an amazing awareness behind the science of energy. I learned some new tricks to energy healing called well as yin yoga of course! It was an enlightening week of yoga, meditation, insight, and lovely people to share it with. 

June 29-30, 2013- Hay House I Can Do It Conference
I was blessed to have an experience volunteering for this consciousness raising event with my beloved. Sitting alongside him while hearing protests of positive change, inspiration, wisdom, and love lifted our hearts and transcended our relationship. I must say that I was rather star struck sitting in the third row looking up at Doreen Virtue. I wanted to ask the long tingling question of my soul but couldn't remember it in her presence. Only after we left the auditorium did I remember My quest for opening my intuition. Bruce Lipton dazzled us with the scientific explanation of the "honeymoon effect" and Gregg Braden showed us that by surrounding ourselves with love allows us to live longer and heal from disease! And of course Brian Weiss regressed me back to a another life that gave me insight and understanding. And who could forget the wisdom of Dr. Wayne Dyer.

March 21-24, 2013- Toronto Annual Yoga Conference
What a lovely afternoon meeting people in promoting energy modalities of healing. I saw exhibits in meditation, chiropractic, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, crystal healing, nutrition, acupressure, massage, eco friendly products, psychics, and Yoga of course! I also saw a zen social worker, yay! Maybe one day I'll have my own exhibit! It's comforting to see that there's a whole conference that validates that healing your energy gives you great health, peace, and bliss. 
February 9-10, 2013- Reiki Level 2 Certification
Once I did the first level I was hooked to open my chakras even more with this second level. Now I can use the sacred symbols to intensify detoxification and healing and also take upon distance healing. I was amidst finishing my Masters of Social Work but still felt it important to take a weekend and pursue my journey of energy healing.

July 6-7, 2012- Reiki Level 1 Certification with the beautiful and gracious Tara Antler
I kinda fell into this training, or more appropriately it chose me. I had met Tara one brief Sunday afternoon before I taught my regular class at Jaya Yoga Studio 6 months ago.  For some reason the words of "one day I'd like to do Reiki" rolled off my lips. And with this she put me on her mailing list! The trainings kept on happening but the time wasn't right and then one Wednesday an email came regarding a last minute training starting Friday. I felt the stars were aligned! I later came to know that we are called to Reiki only when the time is right. At first I only wanted to open my own intuition and chakras for health. But now I am compelled to serve as a conduit of The Divine Energy for others' healing. Thank you to God and Tara for the opportunity.

June 22-23, 2012- Hay House I Can Do It Conference
              This is a spiritual conference I volunteered for.  I didn't know what I was getting myself into but it lifted me up! It was positively amazing! It shifted me into such a joyous place, a place of higher vibration. It was a fun filled event with oodles of wisdom and laughter!  It started off with Dr. Wayne Dyer, sharing his wisdom of how to manifest your wishes....remember they have to be aligned with your higher self in order to come true. But don't worry, these dreams are always amazing and exactly what you need! Gregg Braden blew my mind with evidence of peaceful civilizations dating back to 11 000BC- see we are a meant to make love not war :) The lively Bruce Lipton eloquently explained the science  behind energy and spirituality and the calming Brian Weiss regressed me to past life that showered me with love. The first day ended with beautiful Doreen Virtue having a conversation with Angels. In my quest for healing, I bought her Angel Therapy book and got it signed! 

June 1-2, 2012- Integrating Asian Healing Techniques into Mental Health

Yoga was a highlight at this conference. It has so many benefits for the mind, body, and soul.  No wonder mental health practitioners in the West are taking notice and beginning to incorporate it into their practice!  

This is something I am aspiring to do.  As a psychotherapist (in the past) and as a current social work student (Masters), I have been incorporating relaxation, meditation, postures, and philosophy in order to increase the well being of my clients.  Breathing and postures help to alleviate pain and move nutrients and Energy around healing the body.  Meditation heals the mind.  Furthermore, ideals such as acceptance and compassion toward the self and others are primary in Asian Healing Techniques.  In Western research and practice all of these practices have proven to be very therapeutic for clients being treated for anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.  

Vital Force Energy was also touched on in this conference.  I attended the Qi Gong workshop and marvelled at how analogous Chinese Energy was from Yogic Prana...because they are the same thing!  We all have this Energy inside of us, blockages of Energy create illness.  Yoga and other healing techniques working with Energy flow remove the blocks and restore vitality.  Although Reiki wasn't covered in this conference it is yet another mode of clearing negative energies in the mind, body, and soul.  

Just to recap a couple more workshops, I attended: Yoga for Trauma, How the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali can translate into ones mental health practice (including the ideals described above), Buddhist Psychology, Kundalini Yoga (I highly recommend this more spiritual and meditative practice in uplifting your mood...and your soul!), and Soul Healing (through chanting and meditation).  Also highlighted were the healing practices of Shamans and Mystics in India and acupuncture in China. 

I am so grateful to be in the field of healing and that Energy practice is becoming more widespread and accepted here in the West.  When one heals the Spirit, one cures the body and the mind.  So let's be healthy together!

January 15, 2012- Consciousness Club (private gathering)
            A gathering of like-minded individuals expressing thoughts about life and the universe. Yogic and other philosophies tend to be commonly expressed.  Today's main theme emerged from living in a state of gratitude.  We also joined in a short group meditation.  You could really feel the warm energy coming from these delightful individuals.
April 15-17, 2011- Toronto Annual Yoga Conference
           This event was so much fun :) I picked up Chakra meditations stones, a cute bees wax Buddha candle, inspirational wall scrolls, a beautiful Indian silk skirt and wonderful energy! I also greeted some friends within the yoga icommunity. It was a full day of love, smiles, and good energy :)

March 12, 2011- Toronto Bikram Yoga Competition held at The Second City
           Yoga is not about competition, it is about grace, compassion and harmony. So us participants regarded this experience as a demonstration of a practice we love! Check out the pics in my Gallery!

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