Monday, 2 September 2013

June 29-30, 2013- Hay House I Can Do It Conference

What Can You do? Everything is in your reach!
I was blessed to have an experience volunteering for this conscioussness raising event with my beloved. Sitting alongside him while hearing protests of positive change, inspiration, wisdom, and love lifted our hearts and transcended our relationship. I must say that I was rather star struck sitting in the third row looking up at Doreen Virtue. I wanted to ask the long tingling question of my soul but couldn't remember it in her presence. Only after we left the auditorium did I remember My quest for opening my intuition. Bruce Lipton dazzled us with the scientific explanation of the "honeymoon effect" and Gregg Braden showed us that by surrounding ourselves with love allows us to live longer and heal from disease! And of course Brian Weiss regressed me back to another life that gave me insight and understanding. And who could forget the wisdom of Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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