Monday, 2 September 2013

August 26-September 1, 2013 Yin Yoga Training with Bernie Clark and Diana Batts (Vancouver)

What an enriching experiencing, for my teaching, but also for my soul. The days were long and began with meditation and yin yoga at 7am, but yet as each day came to a close I didn't wish it to end. I made sure to take many mindful moments to really soak in what I was experiencing. Bernie has a special gift of teaching his passion for science, anatomy, energy, philosophy, and yoga in a very organized and riveting manner. I learned so much about connective tissue and human skeletal variation. I really feel that I am able to facilitate the health of these tissues and the liberation of the energy that flows through them. Much compassion is cultivated for those who are unable to fold themselves into poses- it's not that you're not open enough, there is nothing wrong with you, your bones fit together exactly as they were meant to be! I was surprised to see that my own recognition of the complementary nature between Eastern and Western views of spirituality and psychology were also in line with Bernie's teachings. He also brought an amazing awareness behind the science of energy. I learned some new tricks to energy healing called well as yin yoga of course! It was an enlightening week of yoga, meditation, insight, and lovely people to share it with

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