Thursday, 17 October 2013

YIN YOGA WORKSHOP at Jaya Yoga Centre

 with Effie 

Join us for a journey of self-exploration and deep healing
4 Sessions starting October 20th 6:45-8pm

Yin is a nourishing practice that complements a busy yang lifestyle, nurturing calmness and balance for the mind, body, and spirit.


Yin involves long held poses on the mat.  Props support your body so that your muscles release tension and you can delve deep into the connective tissues of the body.  Awareness is explored, compassion is cultivated, and deep healing is liberated.

You send your body signals to repair and revitalize:
·      Physically: Your joints are strengthened, enjoy increased flexibility and mobility
·      Energetically: Energy flow is stimulated, blockages removed, enjoy balanced energy and increased vitality
·      Mentally: Long held tension is released, enjoy stress relief
·      Emotionally: Regulate emotions and deepen compassion

Oct. 20:  Explore the principles of Yin’s healing properties within a Beginner flow class
Nov. 3:   Experience a Yin Flow for increased mobility and strength in the spine
Nov. 10: Experience a Yin Flow for increased mobility and strength in the hips and legs.
Nov. 17: Discover Yin for the whole body

Early bird $72 + HST
Late bird $80 + HST  
Registration is required for this workshop

647.352.JAYA (5292)


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